Wasting This Precious Resource Can Cost You Your Dreams

by Bamboo Forest

Imagine you’re in the middle of a jungle, 20 miles from civilization.

You must find your way back to civilization before running out of your two day supply of water.

Could you imagine if every couple moments you took out your canteen and poured some water onto the ground?

Doing the above would be absolutely insane, wouldn’t it?

And yet there’s not much difference between the life giving properties of water and the life giving properties of focus. Both can be wasted.

In the example where you’re lost in the jungle, you need water to ensure enough strength to make it back to civilization.

Similarly, you need your focus to reach any goal that you have.

Water is to physical survival what focus is to accomplishment.

You would never willfully waste your water supply if you were in a life threatening situation, would you?

Yet how many of us focus on negative things that bring us into an unresourceful state that prevents us from reaching our heart’s desire?

Just as water is not to be wasted when you really need it, focus too, is never to be wasted and always to be used for your benefit.

You should harness your focus in ways that propel you in the direction of your dream.

When you focus on the negative, you’re wasting this vital resource that’s always at your disposal to help you reach any dream you have.

The questions you ask determine your focus

Let’s say you’ve made some mistakes in the past and as a result you constantly ask yourself, “Why do I always sabotage myself?”

Do you see how the above question directs your focus in a negative way? Such a question does not put your focus in a place that will help you succeed.

A few questions that would actually help you are:

  • “How can I turn it all around?”
  • “What thoughts can I think that will improve my life?”
  • “How can I ensure I stay absolutely committed to my goal?”

By asking the above questions you place your focus on potential solutions which drives you into positive action which gives you the results you’re seeking.

“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.” ~Cameroon Proverb

There’s a whole chapter on this subject in the book Awaken the Giant Within.

How martial arts and life are similar

One of the hallmarks of a good martial artist is their ability to generate incredible amounts of focus.

When a skilled martial artist fights an opponent they don’t focus on the past or the future. They don’t immerse themselves in fear, either.

Instead, their mind, body, and spirit fuses for the single objective of defeating their opponent.

Martial arts are very similar to life.

Focusing on the negative puts you in an unresourceful state where you’re far less likely to succeed at anything you’re trying to accomplish.

Focusing on the positive will put you in a resourceful state of mind that generates action that leads to your dream’s destination.

Focus is a cherished resource, one that’s not to be wasted on the negative.

Use it wisely.

Bamboo Forest is an Email Life Coach, helping people work on something in their life over the course of a month through email. He’s also the founder of Tick Tock Timer.

Photo by The Dilly Llama

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Scott McIntyre | Vivid Ways February 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Hi Bamboo Forest,

Us humans always seem to go with the negative in situations related to achieving things. Instead of focussing on how to succeed, taking risks etc.,

The usual tendency is to concentrate on the possible downsides and our fears. We don’t automatically go with the potential of success.

I’m sure it would help if we were to focus in the way you suggest right from the outset of any endeavor.

It takes practice, though, as we’re fighting against many years of negative programming.


Bamboo Forest February 25, 2011 at 8:24 pm

@ Scott: Good point. We don’t seem to automatically go with the potential of success in our thoughts. Certainly something to condition into our minds.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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