How the Timer Connects Us

Tick Tock Timer contains the energy of many. At any given time, thousands across the globe may be using it simultaneously, all to accomplish a goal.

You and I can take comfort in knowing that any time we’re using it, others are right there with us, in spirit, plugging away.

I realize this timer can’t solve every one of our problems. I realize it can only be used when near a computer device. I get that.

But truth is… there’s multitudes of times it can be used and should be used. And you’ll be all the better for it. You’ll get things done. You’ll feel damn good about yourself.

You can bet your last Pokémon card I’ll be right there with you using this timer to get things done. You kidding me…? I love this thing.

Join me, would ya? Let’s join a growing community of people dedicated to pulverizing the out and getting some serious shizle-dip done.

“Let’s Tick Tock this”

~ Bamboo Forest

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