What Have You Done?!

Tick Tock Timer Inspiration

Share with everyone what you’ve accomplished. You might also share how much time you invested in the project, too.

Don’t be shy. We’re all busting a move, here.

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C August 10, 2014 at 9:37 am

I started this because I’ve been using the “un-f-your-habitat” website. perfectionist/procrastinator/anxiety/PTSD…

the fact that its a GONG is awesome, because its loud and I can hear it with music on, etc. and the tone is low enough that it is not startling or scary like an alarm can be.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. 20 minute chunks of working on anything from cleaning to giving the dog extra love. then, 10 minute breaks.

feels like “success” everytime i hear the gong.


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