How to Keep Your Inner Flame Burning Brightly to Accomplish Your Dreams

by Bamboo Forest

You can’t realize your dream without desire.

With food consumption we have a natural inborn desire. Our drive for it becomes obvious if we haven’t eaten in a while. And if you’re starving to death, the fire inside you to attain food will be relentless.

But what about desires within us for accomplishing our dreams? Are these naturally inborn and naturally maintained like our desire for food?

Not a chance.

Keeping the fire of desire burning brightly constantly takes drive that you must constantly exert.

It would be easy to keep the fire burning within you if there weren’t any obstacles and setbacks along the path. It would be easy to maintain constant effort if every effort exerted beared fruits immediately.

But it doesn’t’ work that way. Life is tough, so you must be tougher.

You must keep your inner fire lit

Getting discouraged is easy. This is why we, through our own will, must keep that fire within us constantly burning bright. If you can do that, without ceasing, the results will be incredible.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

For our dreams: all that matters is how bad you want it in the present moment. How badly you want it is what feeds your inner flame that propels you into massive positive action.

It’s important to note: The flame of desire can’t burn in the past and it can’t burn in the future; it can only be fueled in the eternal now. So don’t worry about the past, it will do you no good.

When the flame is bright your actions are strong. For example, if you REALLY want to lose weight, you’re not going to eat that slice of chocolate cake no matter how delicious it looks.

Your burning desire for a particular outcome will provide you with unwavering self-mastery over yourself.

The most important fuel for keeping your flame of desire vigorously burning is knowing WHY you want something. The more reasons the better. However, the most important factor is that those reasons are so compelling that by meditating on them you can’t help but want the outcome with your entire being: mind, body and spirit.

Wherever you go, envision an inner flame that YOU have the responsibility for making burn brightly.

The flame can diminish if you don’t constantly fuel it.

Don’t let your dream’s light burn out.

Bamboo Forest is a professional Email Life Coach and the founder of Tick Tock Timer.

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Josh September 19, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Fires need constant fuel to keep burning. I see a lot of people get going like crazy, but lose it after a while. That’s like throwing 12 logs on the fire, and then never putting another one on as the fire dwindles.

Just put a new log on every so often and that fire will burn forever. Great metaphor, cheers!


Bamboo Forest September 19, 2010 at 7:50 pm

@ Josh: Well said. And thanks for stopping by!


The Vizier October 15, 2010 at 6:47 am

Hi Bamboo Forest,

You’ve made some great points about desire.

Desire and knowing why we need to do something is the drive that fuels our actions. Without desire, we can hardly achieve anything. At the first sign of trouble, we would give up in the face of difficulties. But with desire, even if we faced great odds, our desire will be so strong that we will ourselves to find a way to overcome our challenges. Knowing our motivation is especially important if we want to change a deeply ingrained habit. Without that clarity of purpose, it is easy to slip back to our own ways. But with clarity of purpose, we can achieve anything.

Thanks for sharing!


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