Why Life Sucks

by Bamboo Forest

Why does life suck?

I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter either. The point is that it does.

On this planet right now there are six billion people. And within this pool someone is suffering more than anyone else. Another person is suffering less than anyone else. And the rest of us suckers are all in between.

On the sliding scale, which one are you?

You don’t know, do you?

That’s OK, you don’t need to know. And frankly, it doesn’t matter.

But all this really begs the question: If life sucks so much, why are we so damn mean to each other? And since we are so mean to each other, is this why life sucks?

Ah, such a paradox.

The real reason life sucks is because of us. WE are the reason life sucks. Every time we do something such as lose our temper, steal, make fun of another person, or immerse ourselves in jealousy, we’re contributing to the nature of life.

If we want to turn it all around. Make this world something different. Something better. Then guess who’s going to do it?

The Pope? The President? Kermit the frog?


You. It’s all on you. You can’t make others change. But you can change yourself in a big way. And by doing so… maybe… just maybe… your change will push others over the edge to change as well.

Next time you’re ruminating on how much life sucks, try changing your thought pattern to, ‘how can I improve the world?’

I’ll join you.

Photo by hipposrunsuperfast.com

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Jeffrey August 27, 2010 at 2:52 am

Well …… that’s a smokin’ hot post! Brave to. Not really what I had in mind when I stopped by for a visit, but ………. what the hay.
This is one of those posts that really gets you thinking and takes you to a different place. It takes time for reflection before you can offer an intelligent comment.
What a way to end my day!


Allan Douglas November 26, 2010 at 11:28 pm

BINGO! I do believe you’ve got it. Life sucks because so many people take the “Me first – everybody else can just wait” attitude. If we can just get back to helping one another out a little bit, life would suck alot less.


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