Where Can You Find Salvation?

by Bamboo Forest

Your problems can only be solved now. Your dreams can only be fulfilled now.

You’re either making choices that are improving your life or you aren’t, now.

Your salvation is now.

You’re the author of your life, and you direct it where you will. Everything necessary to make your life a 10 is here, now.

Are you using your now? Will you please wake up?

The past is irrelevant.

This is life:

You’re sitting on your surfboard and have missed a few waves. Yet, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a huge set of waves appearing in the sun like large hills laden with diamonds rolling your way. In your now moment you choose to paddle a little north to optimally position yourself to catch the crest of the wave. Your hearts racing as you heroically paddle for this wave that’s the height of Shaq on stilts.

Paddle, paddle and up you go! You’re completely at one with the wave, blissfully sliding up and down a wall of water that the ocean freely gives you. In this moment, missed opportunities no longer mean anything. Instead, harnessing your true potential in this moment is what your life exudes.

Truth is, there are ocean waves coming your way constantly! You need only open your eyes and choose, in your present moment, to take the ride. And what a glorious ride it is.

Those ocean waves will continue to come whether you opt to ride them or not. Opportunities don’t cease. Whether you decide to ride the great waves of life or not is in your hands in this very moment.

Your salvation is now. Accept that and live it. Now.

Bamboo Forest is a professional Email Life Coach and the founder of Tick Tock Timer.

Photo by colmsurf

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