What Precedes Joy?

by Bamboo Forest

Joy’s the result of control. Controlling one’s mind, body and spirit causes joy.

We give into instant gratification believing it’ll give us what we seek, but ultimately it takes it all away.

The person trying to stick with their diet, but constantly cheating, isn’t giving themselves joy. In fact, they’re sabotaging it. There’s no greater irony than doing something to “satisfy” that actually compromises your life.

“You can never get enough of what you don’t want”~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Control is the pathway to realizing your dream.

While it’s true you can have control in some areas of your life and not others, if you’ve had any dream materialize it was the result of control in at least one area of your life. Unquestionably, the more control you have, the richer your life will be.

The smartest path you can take is ensuring that you’re living in alignment with your values. Lacking control, we’re not aligning with what we know’s best for us. As a result, we’re robbing ourselves of  deep satisfaction we’d otherwise have.

I know with absolute certainty that living with control, how I want to be, I derive the greatest joy. It’s as much a fact as water boils at 212.

It’s clear. Being your best now will give you the greatest joy possible.

Being your best now is also the antidote to dwelling on the past. Because if you’re busy dwelling on the past, you’re not being your best.

To realize your dreams, the surest path is harnessing your mind, body and spirit in the direction of your dreams like a samurai warrior would if he was defending his village from pillagers until his very last breath.

Bamboo Forest is a professional Email Life Coach and the founder of Tick Tock Timer.

Photo by McPig

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