The Lesson My New Book Has For All of You

by Bamboo Forest


Nothing ventured nothing gained.

You’ve probably heard the above sentiment a million times but have you internalized it?

Some may mistakenly think that past failures means venturing forward with new projects is a a recipe for disappointment. But what could be more disappointing than having life force within you and ignoring its potential?

While failure is a part of life, choosing to resist new projects because you fear failure is failing to see life’s value.

Failure is a risk, sure. But so is leaving your house in the morning. So is driving your car, riding the bus, and venturing anywhere except a glass bubble a thousand feet below earth.

Risk is imbedded in the very fabric of reality. There’s no escaping it. And every moment is an opportunity for change. But without risk, without venturing, the change, and the gain you could have remain but a hope within. Don’t leave your hopes within–use action to make those hopes reality which is what I’m choosing to do now by writing my new book.

My book will be self-published, professionally edited, and on the subject of gaining self-mastery. I think you’ll love it.

For those who have commented on this blog before, you’ll get a personal email from me when it’s published telling you it’s available if you’re interested. If you’ve never commented on my blog but are interested in my upcoming book leave a comment below and I’ll shoot you a personal email once it’s published.

I’ll be selling it on Amazon at a very affordable price. This ain’t no e-book–this is a real book that you can put on your kindle or purchase a paperback copy.

To celebrate my new venture, I’ll be writing more often here.

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