How to be Ruthless in Making Your Goal a Success

by Bamboo Forest

There’s commitment and then there’s true commitment.

While both forms of commitment can accomplish your goals, one’s far more powerful than the other and creates far greater likelihood of success than the other.

For example, you could go on a diet while still having fattening foods in your house and succeed but you can’t say you were ever truly committed.

True commitment ruthlessly acknowledges the synergism of life.

Someone truly committed would have ensured only healthy foods were in their house.

Let’s take me for example. I can indeed say I’m truly committed to doing my yoga practice every morning because I choose to go to sleep early every night.

Of course I could go to sleep late every night and still manage to do my yoga practice in the morning. But if I did that, I would only be committed to my yoga practice instead of truly committed.

After all, the more rested I am in the morning the easier it is for me to do my yoga practice and thus the more likely I am to do it.

There’s a huge difference between commitment and true commitment, and it’s vital to have absolute clarity on how much they differ.

Even walking down the candy aisle of a grocery store while on a diet will render you not truly committed because by doing so, you’re allowing your psyche to absorb pictures of myriads of delicious treats which can later affect you during a weak moment.

Even the thoughts you choose to think can determine whether or not you’re truly committed to a goal!

For example, my brother and I recently started a t-shirt company.

Do you think I ever ask the question “what if it fails?” Of course not. That question won’t help me and would render me not truly committed to success.

Instead, the only question I ask myself is “What can I do to make this business successful?”

Make no mistakes about it, being truly committed to anything is a very serious challenge.

But if success is priority to you, you won’t opt for anything but true commitment.

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Jimmy November 25, 2011 at 6:43 am


I am new to your site.

Love this piece about burning all bridges to be really totally committed. When we put ourselves in this state of no retreat, all our resources are summoned to achieve what we desire most in our hearts. It is a complete mentality and mindset of success and all successful people have this.

Tough reminders for those of us who are only partially committed.


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