What Reincarnation Can Teach You About Life

by Bamboo Forest

I have no idea whether reincarnation exists or not. Regardless, there is much we can learn from this concept.

If it does exist, would you ever judge someone based on how they lived in a past life?

I doubt it. In fact, you’d probably agree that the notion of judging someone based on a past life is absurd.

You’d probably concur, at minimum, we get a fresh start when we’re reborn into this world regardless of what we did in our past life.

If we’re all so apt to judge someone only based on this life and not a past, why can’t we then apply this same concept to how someone is living now as opposed to how they lived in the past?

“To define yourself by your past is to choose to say no to the gift of the present.” ~Bamboo Forest

Truth is, people are reborn in this world all the time while they’re still living.

The reason people often continue living in ways that don’t suit them is because they make the huge mistake of basing their present identity on their past. Doing so will ensure that you continue living how you always have and getting the results you always have.

The truth is the past doesn’t equal the future. The present equals the future.

It’s a beautiful thing when people decide to determine to live in ways that are true to them instead of how they used to live.

It’s not about ceasing to live in ways that reflect your “old self.” If you aren’t satisfied with how you’ve lived, that isn’t your “old self”. More accurately, that’s your ‘fake self’.

At any moment you can step into your true identity and completely change your path which will completely change your destiny.

How wonderful it is to be reborn without ever dying.

Illustration by lauraneato

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Pachara December 1, 2015 at 2:48 pm

The stubborn liltte self-centered young voice in me *hates* the idea that I will be coming around again-but not me. That my “soul” might not even have the same traits as me, that my “soul” and “me” aren’t the same thing.I feel for there not to be a break would be silly. I mean, what would school be without winter vacation? You’re glad when it comes, and you enjoy it, but later on there’s a bit of you that misses homework and excitement.Thanks for using my questions!


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