Introducing My New Website: The Wealthy Walrus

by Bamboo Forest

Me and my brother have officially launched a new website today:

Wealthy Walrus <—- Our All New Website

The essence of this site is that a former oil tycoon, Mr. Wealthy Walrus, gives away copious amounts of money if you’re willing to make sacrifices in return.

Here’s a sample poll from the website:

For $5 million dollars…

Would you have a lizard carcass permanently attached to your inner thigh?

Answer yes to the above and the walrus grants you five million dollars. Answer no, and he doesn’t.

The walrus running this site is a sick animal. He derives perverse pleasure by giving away money to people willing to do unpleasant things in return.

For the record, I’d concede to having a dead lizard carcass permanently attached to my inner thigh for the rest of my life for 5 million.

Wouldn’t you?

Well, just wanted to share my new website with you guys because I thought some of you might find it a fun place to visit when you’re taking a break from work.

A side note: I’m now committed to posting twice a week here, so I’ll see you Friday with a post that I hope inspires you.

Yours truly,

Bamboo Forest

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