How to be Absolutely Unstoppable in Life

by Bamboo Forest

Right here and now do you have any goals?

I’m here to tell you that your goals are entirely within your reach and that failing to realize them is a result of you getting in the way of yourself and not outside circumstances.

Of course there are exceptions to the above, but fewer than you think.

Let’s say you want to exercise a few times a week, or you want to write a book, or you want to be an early riser, or anything you can possibly think of.

With the examples above, what’s stopping you from reaching these kinds of goals?

Nobody and nothing but you!

This is actually wonderful news because if we’re the one’s stopping ourselves from being our best, then we’re also the one’s that can rescue ourselves from living life out of alignment with our true values and goals.

We are our own saviors. But if we don’t act upon our powers we won’t reach our true potential. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

What Are We?

As human beings we’re made up of mind, body and spirit. Or, if you don’t believe in spirit, you’re simply made up of mind and body.

Essentially, you’re energy. And your energy is powerful indeed. It can be channeled to many wondrous things.

For example, right now I’m writing a blog post, so I’m channeling my energy to writing a post for my blog which improves my life and gets me closer to fulfilling my dreams. You could say I’m using my energy wisely.

But there are times where we use our energy in incredibly foolish ways. Ways that not only don’t enhance our lives, but downgrade them.

Why are we such foolish creatures sometimes?

I don’t know.

But the beautiful thing is we don’t have to be.

What We Do That Creates Barriers to Fulfilling Our Goals

We create barriers by creating reasons not to do what we want to do. We’re masterful at that. We always come up with many reasons not to strive for our dreams and live our best life.

Some quick examples:

You decide not to learn a new language because it will demand hard and consistent work so you talk yourself out of it.

You decided not to read a good personal-development book that could change your destiny because you just don’t have the time. But you manage to have plenty of time to watch TV.

You decide not to approach an attractive person because you fear the pain of rejection which would come and go like an ocean wave at the beach on a Saturday afternoon.

I could devise myriad more reasons that we come up with not to work on our goals. The most important point to realize, though, is that you’re the one creating these reasons. It isn’t outside circumstances preventing you from doing what it takes to make your life awesome. It’s you and you’re paying a huge price for it.

You are your own worst enemy.

How to Get Out of Your Way So You Reach Your Full Potential

Getting out of your way so that you reach your full potential is amazingly close to you. In fact, it resides within you. Your mind must decide that it will follow through with its objective. Once it does, it’s done. And you’re well on your way.

You must practice using your energy wisely instead of foolishly.

When you create a reason not to do something that will enhance your life, realize that all you’ve actually accomplished is putting a barrier before you to actualizing your goal. You’ve gotten in the way of yourself.

What benefits have these barriers provided you with in your life? What benefits would you receive if you took charge of your life and replaced all the reasons you shouldn’t strive for your goal with all the reasons you should? Focus your mind on the latter and the quality of your actions will be much greater.

It’s helpful to think of your thoughts as energy.

For example, if you’re about to approach an attractive person, you could focus on how uncomfortable it will feel if you get rejected. Or, you could focus on how you can’t lose a single thing but you could gain tons.

With the above two examples, what set of thoughts will create energy that is more likely to get you to do what you truly want to do? The latter of course.

You Choose Your Thoughts

Remember, you do control your thoughts. And while it may take time and effort to increase control over them, knowing you control them will certainly accelerate the process of gaining greater control over them.

We are not robots. We create our own destiny by the thoughts we choose to think and the actions we choose to take!

Negative thoughts are nothing more than thoughts that channel your energy away from taking actions to fulfill your goal and into propping up barriers that keep you from fulfilling your goal.

The price of negative thinking isn’t only that you’ll feel down; negative thinking also prevents you from reaching your true potential. When you think negative thoughts, you’re choosing to put yourself in a position that isn’t optimal to fulfill your deepest desires.

Yes, it’s insane to think negatively.

Don’t give those types of thoughts space to flourish and they won’t.

To get in the way of yourself is to direct your thoughts in ways that lead to self-defeating behaviors.

Instead, direct your thoughts in ways that propel you in the most positive direction possible.

You”ll be so glad you did.

Bamboo Forest is an email life coach and the founder of  Tick Tock Timer

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Scott McIntyre December 2, 2010 at 10:09 am

Hi Bamboo Forest,

When things aren’t going our way and we aren’t getting what we want, it’s easier to blame outside circumstances than to accept that it’s our own thoughts holding us back.

When we understand that it is ourselves holding us back, we have to face up to the fact – and do something about it… and this can be difficult.

But, as you say, we can definitely change this and re-program our thoughts to help us get what we want. Robots we are not 😉


Alex Blackwell December 2, 2010 at 11:15 am

Excellent article Ryan. The message here is clear and simple: We become what we think about.

Here’s to thinking positive thoughts.



The Vizier December 2, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Hi Bamboo Forest,

You’re perfectly right. There are many times in our lives when we sabotage ourselves and end up being our own worst enemy. But if we can channel our thoughts in a more constructive way, things will turn out more positive for us.

Negativity can be a difficult habit to break at once. But thoughts are in truth nothing more than perception. This means we can change the way we perceive things. A good exercise to try is to write out the negative thoughts we have when we have them and replace them with a positive one or two. By learning to see things from a different angle, we will soon find ourselves thinking more positively and becoming absolutely unstoppable in life.

Thanks for sharing this post!


Togrul January 24, 2011 at 8:35 am

Great article,

I enjoyed reading it. We are the true masters of our destiny.



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