Choose Your Identity Or It Will Be Chosen For You

by Bamboo Forest

While walking in China Town I passed a beautiful gem of a girl working at a kiosk selling pillows.

Though, I kept walking.

I then realized I allowed my fear determine my identity instead of myself determining my identity.

I’m one that approaches a girl when I find it worthy to do so. Fear will never determine my behavior here, as that isn’t who I am.

When your fear becomes your identity, you’ve forfeited your ability to choose your own identity, allowing something else to do it for you.

Shortly after realizing my error I came walking back the opposite direction, stopped by her kiosk, and sparked a conversation with her.

Nothing came of it, but my objective, which was to talk with her and get a feel for her was met.


Life is Short

Have you ever stopped to consider how short life is?

Some have said this life is nothing more than a parenthesis in eternity.

Tell me, are you determining your identity or is your fear doing that for you?

Now isn’t the time to let your fear determine your identity.

Now’s the time to determine your own identity.

When you look back many years from now… happy you will be.

P.S. – You’ll be happy a month from now as well.

Photo by ahisgett

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