Every Choice You Make Today is Also a Choice For Tomorrow

by Bamboo Forest

“The things you do today affect not only today. They build you and prepare you and position you for all the days that will come.” ~Ralph Marston

Everything you think, say, and do influences what your future will be. What your future will be also influences the future of others.

Knowing this truth gives you extraordinary power and responsibility.

To give you an example of how what we do yesterday affects our tomorrows, I made a declaration to you on March 16th that I would publish two posts a week for eight weeks, which is the only reason this post is going up on a Sunday evening before the week’s end.

The following are things you should realize will influence your future:

Sleep: If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can lead to irritability which can lead to acting inappropriately. Sleep deprivation can also lead to less productivity which can lead to less business opportunities and less money in the future.

You may not be able to cure insomnia overnight. But there are always things you can do to slowly improve your sleep.

Diet: The foods you eat today will impact what your figure looks like six months from now. They could even impact what your health will be later on. Even your self-esteem can be impacted tomorrow by what you eat today.

Reading: Your reading choices will influence how you behave now and in the future. The more often you read wisdom the more that wisdom will preside in your mind and the more wisely you’ll act.

Read prudently. Read often.

And don’t be afraid to read important books multiple times. You’ll always get more out of it the second time; you’ll remember things you’ve forgotten, and everything will be reinforced that much more.

Friends: Those we spend our time with have an influence on our character. Spending time with people whose values are aligned with yours will strengthen your values. Spending time with people whose values are in conflict with yours will negatively influence you and could slowly derail you from your chosen path.

Behaviors: Every action we take that’s aligned with our inner truth makes it more likely we’ll behave this way in the future.

Conversely, every action we take in conflict with our inner truth makes it more likely we’ll repeat the undesirable behavior in the future.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

This list of what we do now that influences our tomorrows is endless.

The important thing to realize is that every choice you make, right now, isn’t just a choice for today; it’s also a choice for tomorrow.

The great news is we’re in the present moment now. So even if you don’t like where you currently are, you can, if you put your mind to it, change your course, and as a result, change your destiny.

The choice is yours.

Bamboo Forest is an Email Life Coach, helping people work on something in their life over the course of a month through email. He’s also the founder of Tick Tock Timer.

photo by General Wesc

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Miss Rhei March 28, 2011 at 6:31 am

This is beautiful. The sort of reminders that people need each and every time. 🙂


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