What a Car Ride and Breaking Bad Habits Have in Common

by Bamboo Forest

Would you sit in a car seat for 30 minutes while parked in the garage just for kicks?

I doubt it.

You’d go nuts.

If, however, you were sitting in a car seat while traveling to your favorite restaurant to meet some close friends, you’d happily stay seated for 30 minutes without a hitch. After all, you’d know what you’re getting in return for sitting. And you’d fully understand the price you’d pay if you weren’t willing to sit in the car for 30 minutes en route to your destination.

The above scenario perfectly depicts what’s needed to overcome any bad habit.

Once you truly internalize the price you’ll pay for continuing a bad habit and the benefits you’ll receive for quitting it, you’ll desist from the bad habit with little effort.

The root problem with failing to overcome a bad habit isn’t a lack of self-discipline. It’s a lack of internalizing the cost you’ll pay if you don’t give up the bad habit and the benefits you’ll receive when you do.

That said, it can require ample self-discipline to internalize the cost and benefits properly. But this will be self-discipline well spent.

Trying to use brute force to overcome a bad habit is a terrible strategy.

Just as a good martial artist uses sound technique to overcome his opponent, so too, you must use excellent strategy to overcome any bad habit.

And an excellent starting point is spending time each day internalizing what it will cost you if you continue the bad habit and the benefit you’ll receive when you desist.

Once you internalize the above deeply enough… the bad habit is over.

P.S. – The book Awaken the Giant Within covers this concept in powerful detail

photo by rockinfree

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Nishant April 17, 2011 at 2:48 am

Thanx for the post.
Breaking old/bad habits is not an easy thing. Thanx to the tips of many bloggers like you, I am able to make steady and lasting changes in me.


Bamboo Forest April 17, 2011 at 5:06 am

Great to hear Nishant.

There’s nothing better than being our own master.


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