Don’t Wait For This to Happen Before You Believe in Yourself

by Bamboo Forest

Ever known someone of your skill level or less that accomplished something great and suddenly this made you believe in yourself?

Some examples:

  • Your friend who is less attractive than you starts dating a very attractive person. Suddenly you believe that you also could date someone very attractive.
  • Someone you know that’s more overweight than you starts losing excess weight. Suddenly you believe that you also could lose weight if you did what was necessary.
  • Someone you know made it as a big blogger yet their writing isn’t any better than yours. Suddenly you believe that you also have what it takes to become a very successful blogger.

When you believe in yourself, you can do the most amazing things. But you shouldn’t wait to witness someone of equal or less skill than you to accomplish something great before you pursue something great.

Instead, you should just believe in yourself, go after it, and make it happen.

photo by Selective Focus

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