Have you ever had something you needed to do but just couldn’t get yourself to do it?

This timer, here, will help you get it done.

Say you have a term paper coming up or you need to pay some bills. You could, of course, say you’re going to work on it, only to chat on instant messenger all night and check your Facebook. Problem is, that’s not going to get you a single step closer to getting things done.

But Tick Tock Timer will.

It’s your greatest ally when you want to be productive. It keeps you honest. It keeps you focused. All you have to do is set the timer for a duration of time you choose and work your butt off until the gong goes off.

It’s that simple.

Look at it this way: If you were to set the timer fully committed to working until it went off, not only would you push yourself to do it, you’d make serious progress. Wouldn’t you?

Exactly my friend! 🙂 Welcome to Tick Tock Timer, your one stop shop for kicking serious ass.

This is a community site. We’re all in this together, getting wondrous things done and, well… not so wondrous things done. But we’re getting things done, you hear?

Feel free to share what you’ve accomplished at the What Have You Done?! area – this way we can help inspire each other.

P.S. – After dedicating yourself to working on something for a chosen amount of time, and then hearing the glorious gong sound, it feels downright amazing, doesn’t it? Go and set the timer. Get to work. Afterwards… Go out and play, would ya? And feel freaking great! 🙂

“Let’s Tick Tock this”

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