20 Ways to Use

1. Whether you’re in high school, or college — matters not. It’s often hard to get ourselves to study. Set the timer for a good 30 minutes and study until it goes off. Just do it. It can help you get an A. You might even learn something new.

2. Have a big term paper coming up? Why not invest a chunk of time each day working on it so that you can finish without stress. Start the timer now.

3. Do you need to be out the door in 15 minutes, otherwise you’ll be late? Go ahead and start the timer. When it sounds… get a move on!

4. Do you have a pigsty like I do? Siphon off 20 minutes dedicated to cleaning. I’ll do it with you. Together we’ll make a real dent getting our places sparkling clean. It feels good!

5. Got a cup of tea brewing? Brew it to your specifications. Baking a pie? You’ll know when it’s ready.

6. Want to take a break from work? You could set the timer for an agreed amount of time and get back to work when you hear the sounding of the gongs.

7. Did Billy call you again? Do you really want to chat with him for more than 15 minutes? Start the timer when he calls and when it sounds, step away from the tele. You’ve got more important things to do with your day!

8. Do you have dreaded bills to pay and mail to look through? Give it a good 20 minutes. When the gong sounds, you’re free.

9. For fun. Just use it for fun.

10. Do you meditate? This timer can help.

11. Remind yourself it’s time to get ready for bed. Gong going off! Get in your PJs.

12. Keep tabs on when it’s time to get your clothes out of the wash.

13. Feel like doing jumping jacks? Do it for 5 minutes straight. I dare you.

14. Answering e-mails twice a day can be more efficient than randomly spreading this task out. Give it 20 minutes now. And 20 minutes in the evening. Feel good about it.

15. Trying to maintain a regiment of reading 30 minutes a day? This application will keep you honest.

16. See how slow or fast you consume your food.

17. Got a hankering to play Duck Hunt? Good! But to ensure you don’t go overboard, decide ahead of time how much time you will allot. Once you hear the gongs, go do something else.

18. As an alarm clock to wake yourself up for your job interview at 8 AM sharp (not recommended).

19. If you’re a writer, you can use this tool to make sure you get a little bit of writing in, each day.

20. To ensure you and your partner are massaging each other for equal durations of time. It’s only fair!

“Let’s Tick Tock this”

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